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Army Open Day - Peninsular Barracks Wed 20th July 6.30pm


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I don't know any more about the Army Open Day at Peninsular Barracks, Orford other than it is on Wednesday 20th July at 6.30pm and it also has a public questions session.


Might be for recruitment rather than a chance to look around... I have no idea, sorry. :blink:


If anyone knows any more details can they post please.

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I remember going to one of their open days about 10 or so years ago - around the time I spent a weekend with the TA Cheshire regiment attacking Staff on the Staffordshire hills. They wanted to show managers what the TA got up to when we let staff go away on training exercises.


It was one of the best weekends of my life - midnight marches, assault courses leading my blind folded teams over a chemical disaster, abseiling, building a raft and sailing out on a small pond, erecting a massive mast and tent in a gale - one team didn't like the TA man who was there to protect them - they lost hold of the guide ropes, the tent wrapped around him and he rolled off down the hill BRILLIANT :mrgreen:

It was fantastic and gave me a great insight into what goes on - I hope that the open day did a similar job - we also had to change a landrover tyre without a jack, its quite easy when you know how. :roll: - one of the outcomes was realising techniques to work with elements of sleep deprevation - the first night was spent navigating across who knows where in pitch black condition and rain. :?

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Sounds like you went on one of the same TA weekends that I went on years ago too Geoff. A chap I worked with was involved with the TA and arranged it for a load of us. I think ours was near Oswestry somewhere.


We travelled there in the back of open backed army tucks ... BRILLIANT although a bit noisy on the motorway. Boy was it a hard weekend but we enjoyed every single minute of it. We even got to drive the army tucks when we were there and like you changed wheels etc (we were timed).


We were woken at 5.30 am the first morning by a starting pistol firing and a lot of very stern shouting from some rather scary TA men which frightened the living daylight out of us as we thought someone was trying to kill us. Up.. and out within minutes and forced to do a rather long run up hills and dirt tracks... AND NO SLACKING, WHINGING etc ... we daren't as they were strict and scarey.


After brecky it was a gruelling 2+ hour march up a rugged mountain carrying equipment (or was it a hill.. it was tough going though) followed by a wonderful abseil down the side of a massive waterfall. Ok so it took me over half an hour to get the courage to go over the edge and there was no way they were going to let me chicken out...but once I did it was AMAZING and I'd have done it again and agin if we could have. They could have mentioned the overhang where we wad to jump out and swing back in though... OUCH that hurt :lol:


We fell in the river trying to figure out how to cross it, got stuck in a tree, got nettled, blistered, bruised, scratched and scraped, got to fire some guns and so much more. We arrive home looking bedraggled, absoluted shattered, elated at what we had achieved and so thankful to have been able to be part of such a great experience. We also had a new found respect for people and those in authority too. (maybe I need to go on another one now eh )


If anyone ever gets the chance to go on a weekend like this or to send their kids on one DO IT... you/they will never forget it.... SUPERB...

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Have you got one ?... If so do you know more about what's actually going on on the open night?


More info please :wink:


ERm my invite has been filed- but it is basically an open day event to show the people of Warrington what goes on at the barracks and an insight into the regiment based there.

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I just read that too but it's advertised in the WG this week with is NO mention of it being ticket only and no contact number or anything and says 'Army Open Day' so I guess many others will turn up to it without tickets anyway now.


You could always give the barracks a ring ....or ask Gary if you can have his ticket :wink: Me.. well I'd just turn up anyway now and blag it with a copy of the WG under my arm B)



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