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Blues and Yellows (or is it Primrose?) and busy bees


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I took these yesterday....yellow is such an uplifting colour especially with blue. And I didn't even fall of the ladder in a panic when little busy bee came to join in.


I added a lighting effect on some but maybe a bit too much and spolied them in doing so.





















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Thanks for your kind comments.


I'm still using the same camera Algy but trying to take on board some of PJ's excellent advice such as not centering all my shots and to use thirds or see things in a different way etc. I know some are still centered but not quite as bad as I used to be.


Geoff.. the camera I have is a Canon Powershot SX 130 IS. Like PJ's often tells me though it's not the camera but how you use it. Which is why most of my shots are often naff but I like these ones and I'm getting better.


Now.. like I said.. I did 'cheat' though.


I added light and a slight gain on the colour red in a couple and also zoomed in and cropped some of them. I also airbrushed some bits out of the pictures. All done easily with Adobe Photoshop.


I don't usually bother changing my pics but wanted to enhance these to print off for the person who grew the sunflower.


I'll upload a few of my origs in a bit to show you the difference and prove that I'm not really that good after all 8):wink:


Geoff... have you got photoshop or similar as I'll happily show you how to do it. If you want to try yourself though it's really easy just select 'Filter' from the tool bar... then select 'Render'.. then 'ligthing effects'. Mine was simply done done setting the lighting type effect to 'Omni' and light source colour to white (you can use any colour) and then just playing about with the positioning and size of the light source.


To change certain colour depths or tones on the toolbar select 'Image' then 'adjustments' then 'colour balance'.. best to do this before adding light sources though.


If you do ever paint one of mine can you take a photo of your work of art for me to see. I wish I could paint but I've not got the skill or patience.


And what's this Warrington Nature Converstaion Forum.... can't see them wanting Dizzy and her pics there :lol: I'll sell the higher quality ones to you though :lol:Only kidding

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post edited as I forgot to tell Geoff how to do it
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Just to show you the difference.... here are my originals (ie those actually taken with my camera) before I cropped and tweaked them a bit.










Just to show you the difference.... here are my originals (ie those actually taken with my camera) before I cropped and tweaked them a bit.

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That is a fantastic set of images, I love the first two. Your post processing is great. Well done and thanks for sharing.


p.s. You didn't need to put up the unedited versions as a magician never tells.... :wink:

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Thanks Wingy and PJ. I just got lucky and the colour contrast between the blue sky and yellow sunflower made them easy to enhance.


First two are my favourites too PJ but as for telling my secrets and uploading my originals... too honest for my own good but that's just me I'm afraid.


Maybe mine 'pre and post' will encourage others to play about too as I wouldn't be trying new things either if it wasn't for your photo help and advice on here :wink:


Happy snapping everyone and watch out for those wonderful sunflowers and blue skies :D


PS I have a nice closeup of an overgrown garden pond and the reflections and colours seemd rather nice to my eyes... but the little baby froggy on the leaf was clearly rather dead when I zoomed in so I cant get myself to upload it now :(


A few good followed but a few bad... such is life :blink:

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If YOU think they are boring, don't read them, just post them. If others think they are, no doubt the replies will imply that. :wink:

I'm probably stating the obvious here Peter but I think Dizzy means the replies she is making to our replies. :wink:

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I'd just like to briefly add that...


I don't read my own posts on purpose.


But sometimes I come on and they are there staring me in the face.


At which point I think "flippin' heck look at all those typo's"


and "eek why was it so long and detailed"


From now on I will try and limit my general reples to other people's posts to less than 50 words or 200 characters.


My last one was c155 words and c658 characters excluding spaces.


I'm bored again can you tell :blink:

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