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Steak Tartare?


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Reminds me of as story one of my friends told me many years ago.


He was in one off these "fancy" restaurants and ordered a steak. When it came it was cooked "blue". He told the waiter to take it back and cook it. His mate asked him what the problem was and he said it was raw and that a decent vet would have it back on it's feet in ten minutes.


What I cannot reconcile is that they can serve steak in this manner yet all the advice that food experts give is to make sure your food is thoroughly cooked through before eating it. :mellow:

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I tried Steak Tartare once, steak has to be very thinly sliced. Didn`t really rate it that highly for taste, much prefer a nice blue fillet, and once the treatment for mad cow was complete I was right as rain again.

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Don't be an air head Diz, wot Sid said. :shock:


So my suggestion clearly went right over your head then Obs :lol::P


Personally I wont eat meat or fish that looks remotely raw and sleak has to be well done (or cremated if I cook it).


As for eggs I used to drink two raw eggs whisked up in milk in my energetic sporty days. They never did me any harm but I wouldn't have them now after all the food scare stories :shock:

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