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WBC Extended services after school clubs

Geoff Settle

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I'm still job hunting but in the meantime I've signed up for the WBC after school clubs and followed in the footsteps of my son and daughter. Actually they both teach rugby league & gymnastics respectively - I'm only a helper.


I've joined Zippy to help him teach circus skills whilst on another day I help with animation. It's good fun and I've taken home a plate and stick to learn plate spinning :D


All you really need is a spare hour for each session and a CRB check plus a good sense of humour. :scared:


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Sorry my mistake Geoff...


I thought you meant WBC arranged clubs after school at sports centres/halls/wherever for all school aged kids rather than the primary school 'babysitting' clubs for working parents.


Sorry no disrespect meant to you or the school services but didn't know how else to describe them.


Why is it that once kids leave primary school there's nothing at all for them to do out of hours and for free or a very nominal charge :(


No wonder so many of them just roam the streets :(

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There is a small fee for the primary school clubs and they are open to all at the school. They include such things as model making, group drumming, drama, boxercise, rannis, street dance etc.


As for the older children then they also have activities at my daughters high school, I'm not sure if there is a charge - at the moment there are loads of revision classes in preparation for the summer exams.


If not exist where you are then why not ask the school governors if they can be arranged, offer support - if this dosen't work then lobby your friendly councillor. :D How can they turn you down?


With regard ro sport clubs there are many near me who are always looking for new memebers and helpers - eg. Fife Rovers - football - Crab Lane, Woolston Rovers - Rugby League - Bennetts Rec, further afield - Warrington Athletic Club - Victoria Park, Warrington Gymnastics and Independance - Evans House.


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S R Geoff


The primary school activities you mention sound excellent and great fun...


However, the high school activities of revision classes (although important so I'm not knocking them) are not freetime fun as such.


My son does go to these after school classes out of necessity as the school curriculum timetable does not allow for sufficient time to complete projects. Hard work for the kids and teachers alike no doubt at the end of a busy day and it's great to see the teachers willing to give up their spare time for this.


But I do think Warrington needs more 'local and on the doorestep' facilities for kids other than my house :D


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Dis there are the local Youth Clubs - we have fought hard to keep the service at Cinnamon Brow.


The Farm Club committee provide the room for WBC to use for the Youth Club. They are about to move downstairs so that disabled access can be provided.


The Monday session is open to all types of activities whilst the Wednesday is focused on project type work.


Both sessions are well run by the youth workers and enjoyable.


There were 3 sessions before the summer holidays but dueto reorganisation and reduced funding this has ben cut back.


So the answerto your question is I believe that facilities are not there for your children because of re-organisati cutbacks - ad the person who instigated the changes has - yes you guessed it retired.


Why not lobby your local Councillor, send them an email, start a petition if you get no action?


By the way I had to demonstrate my technical skills infront of the circus class yesterday. Zippy had me showing the children my plate spinning - showing promise but more practice required. :D


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Bennetts Recreational Grounds is an area where the Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Council provide and maintain facilities for local clubs.


They support the likes of Woolston Rugby League, Football Clubs and a local band to name but three.


There are two dedicated groundsmen who maintai the quality of the pitches.


You may recall the idiots who drove a stollen car on to the grounds and then into the old sports club house and torched the lot. Fortunately the ilding was insured and an excellent changing facility has been built.


The main pitch has been resurfaced during the summer as it was suffering from over use such hs been the demand. The recent poor weather has meant that the clubs usehas had to be curtailed whilst the pitch and surrounding land has been allowed to drain.


Whilst this has not always been appreciated especially by local Councillors who should know better it has been necessary.


I'm sure tha Milly and Woolston Rovers do appreciate the actions taken by the ground staff and the parish clerk to protect the playing surface.


In addition the parish council has also offered to provide facilities and even kit for local youths who have reently lost their coach and are trying to find a new place to practice their skills.


Provided that eveyone works together then Bennets Recreation Ground can provide excellent services for all.


It doesn't help when the same Borough Councillors are alledgedley spying on the people who are tying hard to provide those services.


These services were left by Bennett for the community BUT they need to be protected and maintained which means we all have to respect the opinion of the groundsmen who are there to look after the estate.

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It seems that this thread has wandered a little from the original and is now directed towards Bennets Rec,

Just a couple of points you may be able to answer Geoff,

I understand that one of the criteria for using Bennets Rec is that you live in the Parish hence the reduced pitch fees etc, It would be interesting to see just how many users actually live in the Parish.

I agree, the grounds are in excellent condition and the staff do an excellent job, But i would expect no less considering the sizable chunk of the Parish budget it takes up.

Many local residents are unaware that part of the council tax that they pay (precipt) goes towards the cost of the running of the local Parish Council including the upkeep of Bennets Rec.

I also understand from the last Parish Council meeting that only organised clubs that pay pitch fees can now use Bennets Rec.

That kind of narrows the "community use " a little

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Ag what you describe has always been the case ever since the grounds were handed over.


The costs etc are well documented in the Parish minutes. They are available in the local library plus as one councillor knows well you can use the Freedom of information act to find out more. He even has the full support from Ian Marks so he can and does drill down to the nth degree. Hopefully his thirst has been satisfied.


Spot checks are made on membership of the clubs that use the grounds and they must show that the majority of members are local. This has been abused from time to time but they have been found out and in one told tht they were not welcome. Local residents come first above all others.


I agree that very few if any residents know how their council tax is made up. I sincerely hope that they do care and take the time and trouble to ask questions. I know that you do and will continue to scrutinise proceedings and make sure that everything is above board.avaiable


You are right though the thread has deviated but I was tryng to answer the wider question posed above about other activities for youths in Warrington.

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You know and read me like a book but you are right the excellent Blackbrook Watercolour Painting Course has had a mellowing effect on me. I know have a lovely watercolour painting of a winters scene on my mantle piece ollowing Thursday's class with Brian.


I have been able to pass on some of the techniques learnt on the course to the little learners in Westy who are doing the Animation extended service course with Angie.


They have painted some amazing scenery to go with their mermaids.


It's really great to see their imaginations at work - who would ever have thought that there could be a black clothed mermaid who has a sister. There are also mermaids at a disco and with an ice rink.


On Monday Angie is bringing her video camera to record the mermaid models in play. I can't wait, so many budding producers.


The week after next sees the Circus skills performed in front of the parents of the other school where I help out. The kids have done really really well and we are all in for a treat, watching them on the little 4 wheelers, juggling and using the devil sticks.


And it's taught me that your never to old or young to learn :D


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Originally posted by tonymailman:

Peter - I get the feeling you're extracting the urine out of Geoff :P

I'm gutted that you think that.

I am only weighing up his work schedule that he tells us about, now he is a house husband as well as a Parish Cllr and Community activist. :confused:

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