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Never been here before


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While driving back from Northwich we decide to have a look at Pickmere lake as amazingly I had never been there before, what a pleasant surprise! it was a lovely sunny day and the lake was looking at it's best, it just goes to show that although I have lived in and around Warrington all of my life there are still places locally that I have yet to discover.


Here is a shot of a proud father to be standing by the side of the lake and watching over his wife while she is dedicated to bring their young into the world.



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Not been there for years. Used to be a treat when I was younger, a day out at pickmere lake with egg sandwiches and a large bottle of lemonade for the kids and ham or tongue sandwiches for the adults with a large flask off tea.


Do they still have the motor boats on there I wonder. They were governed down and if you were lucky if you could get halfway across the lake and back in your allotted time. Access to the landing area was down a rather steep path that was not paved just a worn dusty rabbit path (or muddy path in the rain).


There was also a small fair and refreshment area as well if I remember correctly.

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I remember the little fair being there too. Gosh I've not been to Pickmere since my late teens and had forgotten it even existed. Might go one warm sunny day and see how it's all changed.


My brother got overtaken by ducks on the boat launch area when he was testing a jet ski someone had given him... then he sunk :lol: Oooh happy memories which I'd completely forgotten about :D

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