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The Master Plan

Evil Sid

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Peel ports mersey have at last unveiled their master plan (flash of lightning, roll and thunder and cut to the black chair,slowly swivelling round to reveal a maniacal fiend stroking a white cat).


Well not really that sort of master plan, but the plan for the expansion of trade along the ship canal. Details can be found on the website.




They are holding a "consultation meeting" at the pyramid centre on 23rd june between the hours of 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm for interested parties.


So all those people who will no doubt be held up when the swing bridges start to be used on a regular basis have a chance to voice their opinion.

Be like the good old days where regular canal traffic meant that you could spend half an hour sitting in traffic wondering what the hold up is. Mind you considering that it took me 45 minutes to get from my house to bridge foot on Monday that may be an improvement. (the total distance travelled in that time was about half a mile)

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.......question 5: "The development of multi-modal port facilities and the increased use of waterways will have a beneficial effect in reducing freight?s impact on the region?s highways and will contribute to lowering carbon emissions?"


not when it totally snarls up all the roads surrounding any of the swing bridge crossing points and results in vehicles being stuck for long periods in traffic jams with their engines running..............

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I remember years ago sitting on the Crosville waiting for the "Manchester Spinner et-al, to pass by the swing bridge at The Stag. There was sometimes a furthe delay at a railway crossing nearer to Bridge Foot or did I imagine the latter ? Where did that line run to?

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