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more Council nonsense


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Presumably when you report a stray dog to the council the dog wardens come out to catch it... unless of course you report it to Rossendale Borough Council


Seems a woman who reported a stray after finding it rummaging in her garden received a 2 page questionnaire 5 days after reporting the dog urging her to :


1...identify what ''category'' of stray dog the animal fell into


2...if she knew whether the Collie she spotted was ''lost'', ''neglected'', ''living wild'', ''on their way somewhere'' or even simply out ''having a bit of fun.''


3... It also required her to indentify which street she believed the animal lived in, the time of day she spotted it and the place she was ''likely'' to see the dog.


The dog warden was finally dispatched 17 days after the lady reported it and suprise suprise the dog could not be traced.




In all fairness though that does beat the RSPCA as they have so far taken almost 4 years to ring me back to collect the two injured strays with chains around their necks, barbed hooks stuck in their legs, open wounds and zippy ties around their rotten tails (and fleas/mites too I might add) that they told me to tie to a fence somewhere until their inspector could ring me and come out :evil: Yes I hope they are reading as I haven't forgotten and I never will !!!!!

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I did Obs hence my rant about the RSPCA although I do admit in all fairness I also forgot to rant about the fact that the first port of call (being the local dog warden) was also unsucessful as the council are closed at weekends and their emergency message gave another number which had a recorded message to ring back on Monday. :?


My gripe is (and will always be) with the main RSPCA contact centre though and their inspectors :evil: (not the local branch as they are not allowed to collect stray dogs).

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I think it depends on where they are and what they are doing.


Most dogs have name and contact tags these days (as it's the law I believe) so providing the dog is friendly you can just ring the owner. I've done that a few times.


In the case of the two we found... yes I did report them, well at least I tried too. The two local branches of dog shelters could not/would not help as they were injured and ill hence I had to phone the main RSPCA stray contact centre :evil:


After over 5 hours of calls on the Saturday and sitting on the pavement outside our house with the poor things feeding them dried biscuits and water whilst ringing for updates and waiting for calls back (which never happened), then finally being told to tie them to a fence somewhere :evil: I gave up and rang our vet.


We walked the pair of them there slowly as they were weak and in pain. We couldn't go in the car as they were ridden with fleas and mites with open sores and we couldn't pick them up for fear of being bitten because of the pain they were in.


I was willing to pay for their treatment myself.


The vet was fantastic and didn't charge me and contacted a lovely lady from Warrington Animal Welfare. I waited there and she came straight down and signed the forms for any treatment and then looked after the dogs until they were well and stable enough to be rehomed. They even instigated an investigation and forced the rspca investigators into action along with themselves to find out where these malnourished and injured dogs were from and they found out !!


Both criticicised the RSPCA and other Dog Charities and said they are only ever interested in healthy animals.


So what would you have done if you had found or seen these two dogs wandering around, would people have done the same or just tied them to a fence and let them die as they waited to be collected :?





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A bit of a difficult one. I think the vet could be the best option. Someone I know lost his dog and went across to the park looking for it, and during that half hour the police had picked it up, taken it to the Dog's home up Knutsford Rd. This guy found out (he had a friend who worked there) and I took him up there and it cost him ?80 to get it back. This all took place within a couple of hours. How they justify that amount for the time spent beggars belief? It's not as if the dog had been missing for hours or days. Don't they have a dog pound at the police station anymore, or are they afraid of getting bitten? :roll:

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That was slightly different though Geoff as that was a lost dog and the owners were trying to find it. It was not actually found in a place where it would have be spotted or reported by passers by :wink:

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Peter.... did your friend complain about the cost or was he just so grateful to find his dog that he paid without question?


I suppose they have a lot of costs and overheads to cover but ?80 for a dog who had only been picked up a few hours before seems very excessive indeed.


Infact that is ?20 MORE than we paid for our dog who came from there and she had been treated, fed, watered and housed for a few weeks before she was old enough to be shown for adoption. That ?60 also included free microchipping and a free spaying voucher.


We didn't go back and use the voucher when she was old enough though as at the time they shipped them off in a van to manchester for the day to be spayed and we thought it would freak her out so our vet did it :wink:


They do a good job though and it must be hard work to try and look after and rehome a never ending supply of unwanted dogs :cry::cry:

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What sort was yours Asp. The top one has a look of a bit of of doberman/alsation/rotty? in it to me. Very cute though.


Once on the mend though the top one started to show some behavioural problems ... mainly down to the awful treatment it's local 'owners' had inflicted upon it so it had to stay at the welfare sanctuary for a lot longer. It's tail had to be removed right at the base too thanks to infection and zippy ties :evil:


I'd love to know what finally happened to them both and wether they are happy little chaps now :?

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