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As the season is drawing to a close i am sat hear thinking of various questions and thinking what everyone else thinks!


Player Of The Year: Paul Pritchard

Best Home Game: I really enjoyed Chester at home it was a very special occasion and one that will go down in history

Best Away Game: I know we lost however playing northwich away was i think a cracking game and one in which made me realise that the club is not far away from getting a very good side together

Goal Of The Season: Heald at Durham

Best Fightback: Chester away if only gahgan was two inches taller

Biggest Suprise: as above Chester away! the players were amazing that day

Biggest Disappointment: all in all a good season however after beating all the teams in the playoffs bar fylde it is a little bit of a shame that we are not in the mix!


i am looking forward to next season now as i would hope that the team can be improved and we can become a serious force in this league!

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Player Of The Year: Paul Pritchard/Mike Duffy

Best Home Game: I've been to most of the Weekend home games (Will go to every possible home game next season, Season Ticket :D) and I have only been to 1 which we have won.

Lancaster, Radcliffe or Prescot Cables, probably.

Best Away Game: From the match reports, Chester sounds the best. 2-2. Shows that we should be higher up the ladder.

Goal Of The Season: Either Duffys 30 Yard Lob or the Heald one. Didn't see either though, so I don't know.

From the goals I've seen, Gavin Salmons against (I think it was either) Lancaster or Prescot, where Gahgan (?) did all the hard work and passed it to Salmon and scored.

Thommo has had a few overhead kicks saved which have come close, but didn't go in.

But to be honest, that goal against us by Wakefield was the best by miles. It was the flipping halfway line for goodness sake.

Best Fightback: Chester, but from games I've been to, Lancaster at home. We also fought back well against Wakefield and Skelmersdale.

Biggest Suprise: Wakefield scoring from the halfway line, or us signing the bloke who came second on street striker.

Biggest Disappointment: We are easily one of the best teams in the league, and we beat all the "big boys" who are smaller than us, we have all the best players in the league, we don't have a fat guy in net, we don't have any fat players, and we are still 6th. We are easily the 2nd/3rd best team in the league, but we can't beat the bad teams.

Another disappointment is Pritches awkward positioning. At times he is at the halfway line. But when we need him, he in the right place. But he was just outside the penalty box against Wakefield, and we ended up needing him them. If he was a bit taller and had let that in, I would be furious though, but his height makes up for it. Pritchard is easily the best/2nd best in the league.

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Opening home game v Chester - would love to see the ground like that every home game.

The night game at Lancaster - probably one of the best performances I've seen.

The victories home and away against Chorley.

The FA Cup replay against Bamber Bridge

Chester away

The Cheshire cup semi-final at Northwich and the amazing support by the barmy army.

Curzon away.

Lots of great memories and all in all a good season with improvement all around on and off the pitch.

Plenty to build on and look forward to - can't wait for next season.

If we can turns the draws into wins we will win the league! :D

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Actually, if it weren't for bad refereeing and points deductions, I reckon we would be up there. Too many bad referees in our last 3/4 games and that pointless point deduction at the start of the season have cost us. That point deduction has cost us badly.


It would only have made a difference if the club had been nearer the top.

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Goal of the season, has to be Louis at Curzon or didn't he score a beauty at Bootle in the FA Cup.


Best atmosphere, outsinging 2500 Chester Fans at The Deva


Best Away game, Lancaster away, we were awesome that night


Best Home Game, really enjoyed Stalybridge and Chester


Player of the year: Sam Finley or Pritch


Best Fightback: Chester away, think the Barmies went mad when Tom Hardwick drove home the equaliser


Biggest Surprise: Signing Gareth Farrelly


Biggest disappoinment: Losing at home to a pub team like Cammell Lairds



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Player of The Year: Quite a few good performances ? think the defensive group has played well all season.

Best Home Game: has to be Chester at home, first match of the season, a day for the record books, ground full to bursting, and a reasonable performance from the players of both sides who were under immense pressure

Best Away Game: Northwich away in the cup, great atmosphere from the Warrington fans and so nearly a victory.

Goal of The Season: Can?t really say which is the best one as I have not seen them all, but I would just like to say there have not been enough of them.

Best Fightback: Has to be being two nil down to Chester and coming within a few inches of snatching a winner inn the last minute.

Biggest Suprise: Chester not running away with the title, I think they have been surprised by the quality of the rest of the league.

Biggest Disappointment: Too many dropped points against the supposedly weaker teams.


All in all an enjoyable season ? it has been nice looking up the table rather than down.


An improvement on last season ? a well done to Joey, the Lads, and everyone else associated with the club for their efforts. Looking forward to next season already.

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Actually, if it weren't for bad refereeing and points deductions, I reckon we would be up there. Too many bad referees in our last 3/4 games and that pointless point deduction at the start of the season have cost us. That point deduction has cost us badly.


It would only have made a difference if the club had been nearer the top.


In the last few home games there has been a few dozen handballs in the penalty box (Wakefield), some OAP starting fights for the sake of it, not getting sent off then having a laugh with the ref (Today/Salford) and a few dozen dodgy tackles on us when we are attacking. That has cost us 9 points in my opinion, then we have a points deduction, 12 points, and that would put us 5th, I think.

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This has been an excellent season and one which will be remembered for a long time due to the improvements we have made as a club both on and off the field.


Best moments will have to be the two chester games and northwich cup semi final


Goal of the season, not too sure on this one as a few good ones, remember duffy scoring a belter against congleton in the cheshire cup from outside the box


Best players are by far Sam Finley and Paul Pritchard, got to give credit to Tom Hardwick, Duffy, Louis Corrigan who have all had excellent seasons


Many positives can be taken into next season as it is quite clearly obvious where the team has let themselves down, if we can get over that mental block when playing the lessers teams then looking forward to next season.


Big developments off the pitch and Cantilever Park will be improving once again to give even more of a welcome feel to all who visit...onwards and upwards!

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Its been a good season both on and off the pitch, but could have been better. There have been plenty of games where a little bit more or a bit of luck would have meant 3 instead of 1 point.


Personally Chester / Chorley / Curzon away were all highlights. Little to cheer at home recently. Sam Finley player of the season for me. Biggest disappointment has been the run in - seem to have lost our way


A few good cup runs and consistency I hope for next season. If we get the latter play offs should be achieved. Better to be there from the outset than seeking to make up points / hope results go for us.

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