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Is Warrington a 'rugby town'


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When I became the Chair of Warrington Athletic Club (WAC) I realised it was when I was trying to find out how we could get reports in the paper.


Somebody brought in an old rugby league programme when I was there and everyone in the office stood up and came across to the desk to see it and swoon.


I looked up to see many of the staff wearing Wire memorabilia and knew that I realised that I had a very hard job on my hands.


I knew then as a club that we had a great obstacle to overcome if we were to feature in the newspaper. Fortunately it was the 80?s and we had the likes of Andy & Graham Green, Mark Kinch and many others who achieved international success as well as turn out for the Town.


I don?t think things have change especially with the Wolves recent success over the years.


My son and daughter never took up athletics. Nick became a Rugby League development officer for the RFL, after service time as a Primary Link Coach for the Wolves in Warrington whilst Katie went on to be a cheerleader for the Wolves.


So from my experience it certainly is a Rugby League Town.

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Of course Warrington is a Rugby League town, it has been more well over 100 years.

Not quite sure the point of your question?

It is the only full-time professional sport in the town.

But it doesn't mean there should be other sporting interests in the town.

Personally I have been a Rugby League fan for 35 years - but my first love as a youngstrer was football - which is now a big part of my life.

Just because we are a Rugby League town doesn't mean we should not enjoy and participate in other sports.

I think you will probably find there are actually more football teams and people who participate in football than Rugby League.

But as our professional sporting outfit and the club's iconi history spanning more than 100 years - Warrington will always be known as a Rugby League town.

Hopefully one day it can be known for having a successful football team as well


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Gary that is just my point, there is interest in far more in this Town than rugby league. When I go out of Town and ask people what they know of Warrington, often the first answer is IKEA. Yes I know I am being flippant here, but my (and most of our) home town had, and I may be wrong here, the first free public library in the UK, or a very early one. J Priestley and his work to educate the young should be celebrated too and it had the largest football league in the North West at one point too. We look upon Wigan as a rugby league town, when in fact it hosts a premier league football, and former top flight rugby union club too. Yes rugby plays a big part in our Town, but so do many other things, and I think to classify it as a rugby town is wrong, thats all

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