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Team news for Catalans game


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Westwood and Harrison rested.


Blythe to play second row, Riley coming in on the wing with Evans in at centre. Still no Atkins or Anderson.


Bit worried that we are without both Westwood and Harrison. Lets hope Blythe is as good at second row as he has been at centre.


I wonder which catalans team will show up on sunday, the good one or the bad one :lol:

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Could be a costly mistake. I'm not a believer in this *squad rotation* policy. You should field your strongest side regardless of who the opposition is. The modern player is a full time professional with no other obligation but to keep himself fit and healthy. Is it asking too much to play 80 minutes of RL once a week ? Some of them don't even play the full 80 minutes. If you keep telling them they're tired and need a rest eventually they'll start believing it.

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To be fair I think Harrison is struggling with a knock.


Benny has definitely been putting it in recently and surely deserves a break. I just wish Anderson was back to beef up the second row as it looks a bit light with Grix and Blythe IMO.


Lets hope Tony hasn't slipped up like he did against catalans away last year which proved to be very costly.

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I won't say I told you so but I told you so. You insult the opposition by fielding an under-strength team at your peril. There's no finer motivation. Let's hope the lesson has been learned, you put out the strongest team regardless of who you are playing. For instance, why does Ben Harrison need a rest ? He's a 22 year old kid who is a full time professional sportsman who hasn't been playing the full 80 this season. I hope Mr Smith admits to a bad mistake. He's not Fergie and we aren't Man United. Let's hear no *slight hamstring pull* or *not quite 100%* We will know it's nonsense.

Perhaps we could still have won with the side that was put out if most of them(especially Lee Briers) didn't have stinkers of a game.

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Terrible performance today and we didn't deserve even a point from that game, defence was awful, attack wasn't much better and the knock-on's must have hit double figures.


Lack of respect shown to the opposition and for the ball in hand, TS need to take some blame for resting Westwood, the guy is awesome in both attack and defence and we missed that today.


Improvement needed for what will be a tough game on Friday and you never know, we lose that it might just knock some confidence out of us then who knows.


I'd expect to be without Carvell for the next two weeks.

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