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Narrow Boat 'Shad' Photos (Model)


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Just completed a scratchbuilt model of the narrowboat 'SHAD' took me a while as my hands and eye sight are not as good as they used to be, so the sign writings not up to much. Heres a few photos :-

















'Shad' is a motor narrowboat of composite construction (steel sides with an elm bottom). She was a 'Fish' class boat built in 1936 by Yarwoods of Northwich for Fellows, Morton & Clayton Ltd. (FMC Ltd)., and known as a 'Josher' due to being designed by Joshua Fellows.

The boat has a 9 Horse Power (HP) engine that would propel her 25 tons of general cargo and would have worked the canals between Wolverhampton Ellesmere Port, Manchester & Nottingham. She is preserved at the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port.

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Nice job Algey can?t be that much up with your eyesight. All you need to do now is just make sure you hide it away when the grandkids come round otherwise it?ll be straight in the bath.


Later today I might be calling round to see my in-laws who actually live on a narrow boat. They?re currently stranded due to maintenance on the Leeds Liverpool canal somewhere up near Nelson.



Bill :)

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Dizz & Bill thanks for your comments, we no longer have the boat we sold it many years ago, she was called 'The Three Treasures' a 36 foot narrowboat that we had built to my design, the hull was fabricated by a brilliant boat builder at garston docks by the name of John White then fitted out by Bridgewater Boatbuilders, she had a trad bow with a rounded cruiser stern a swam like a swan, broke my heart when she went, but the good lady wife never took to boating, she's now moored at Calverly on the Shroppy and now called 'My Sweet Lady.

Bill no danger from the granddauaghters as all three (hence the name 'The Three Treasures') all all in their twenties. Regarding living & cruising throughout the year the unforseen stoppages are a big problem, and the Leeds Liverpool is a long canal to backtrack on.

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.... broke my heart when she went, but the good lady wife never took to boating, she's now moored at Calverly on the Shroppy and now called 'My Sweet Lady.


Not very nice to tie your wife up at a mooring Algy. I hope you take her food and water :lol::wink:


Only kidding, I knew what you meant really but it just made me giggle.


We've got (well my dad's got really) a 23ft Cabin Cruiser on the Bridgewater Canal moored up at the Preston Brook marina.


It was bought about 3 years ago with the usual intentions of 'we can do this and do that to it' and 'go here and there' but it hardly gets used now as the novelty quickly wore off for me as only having a few hours to spare we never got very far before it was time to return.


Dad's going to get rid of it now thanks to our lack of interest which is a shame but better than it just sitting there doing nothing when someone else could be enjoying it. :cry:

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A heck of a long time Peter, the hull I made out of a solid piece of srap wood and hollowed it out then fitted the bottom seperately, also the bottom of the boat is made up of dozens of individual planks, the prop I made from scraps of brass with the three blades soldered onto the centre boss, it has kept me quite over the winter, I dont think I shall do another though.

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Dizz, I 'm not into 'model kits' but a few years ago I went to a boat rally on the Leeds Liverpool and there was a chap there who made model narrowboats all the different types and liveries of the different companies - Fellows, Morton & Clayton, Grand Union Canal Carriers. Anderton, Cowburn & Cowpar and so on, the likeness, detail and finish were magnificent but he was expensive, I've attempted to find him many times since but I think what happened, he was too good and too expensive and must have packed it all in.

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Dizz, I honestly couldn't guess the amount of hours spent on it as I used to pick it up and have a go when I felt like it. On the subject of narrow boats the Mrs & myself had a run out to Norbury junction on the Shroppie today, what a gorgeous day the sun was shining and not even a breeze blowing, I took some pictures and a couple of videos of boats on the canal, here are the links for my two videos:



Shebdon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnRJWaPuXFE







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