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Public Pensions

Lt Kije

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The country is skint and people are living longer. I think 60 as a retirement age at the expense of the tax payer isnt viable even when the pot is healthy. I cannot see how anyone can argue that element anymore. Isnt life expectancy somewhere over 80 now.


Interesting to read that there is no diference in comparable pay between public and private sector. As a lifetime worker in the latter I have always paid for my pension and would never have got a final salary ever. I see plenty of people on very low salaries still havign to find payment for their pension.


I think the hutton compromise makes sense.

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I have had a private pension since I was 18. (Thanks Dad!!) but bcause the returns are so bad, I am thinking of using the few hundred a month we put into a pension to by property while it is cheap. Get some mug to pay the rent and sell it when I retire......


Property is really low at the moment in comparison to a few years back so it would make sense..... I am looking into it next week!


I don't want to work till I'm 68 to pay taxes to give to foreigners and scroungers....... :lol:

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I can't remember what the rules are now, but every company that employs "X" amount of people (possibly 5 I think) has to have a company scheme in place.


If I remember rightly, I'm sure Liebor came up with plans that by next year or the year after, companys must enroll their employees and pay something in every month for each employee.....as if we don't pay enough!!

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The only reason that public sector employees join a pension scheme is cos they are compulsory, and at the moment worthwhile. But as disposable income decreases, there will be even less incentive to make personal provision. Also, we have the prospect of a standard state pension being introduced irrespective of NI contributions - so a charter for the feckless? All this soul searching cos they've discovered folk are living longer, well they can blame that on the health facists! :wink:

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a charter for the feckless


Quite right. People needed to have 44 years of national insurance contributions before they qualified for a full pension. That was then reduced to 30 years and now it's proposed that you won't need to have any, and still end up with a bigger pension than those who have worked and contributed all their lives.


The politics of madness. :roll::roll:

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