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Wolves win thriller!


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Very average performance by the Wire...Plenty of pressure in the first half but not a lot to show for it. Still too many players not of the required quality. Against the top sides we would have been beaten. I don't get the reason Joel Monaghan is playing on the wing. He's an Aussie international centre and seems to be wasted on the wing but what do I know ? Also, I've never seen so many people queuing up to be admitted to the ground just a few minutes before kick-off. It seems it was because they had to produce season ticket books instead of just the ticket inside the book. What this achieves I don't know unless it's to stop people giving their match ticket to someone else. I sometimes give my match ticket away to a friend because during the summer I occasionally spend my weekends camping. I'll still carry on doing so but instead of just the ticket he / she will borrow the whole thing. It doesn't cost the club anything so what's the problem ?

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Surely if people buy season tickets then the ticket is paid for and seat/space allocated as such. So what does it matter if that person gives their paid for ticket away to someone else if they can't go themselves ?? As for taking the whole book if I remember rightly last years junior booklets said that they were not replaceable if lost hence my son only ever took the ticket from within it....is it this still still the case :?

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We played our "get out of Jail" card against Hull.


I don't think I've seen us "bomb" so many chances in a game before - we should have been out of sight by half time.


I thought Hodgson had a very poor game - I hope he improves.


Hats off to the boys though for playing the full 80 mins and winning a game that we'd tried to throw away!

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The rules usually state that season tickets are non-transferrable- and can only be used by the named person.

This is to avoid situations like those aged just over 18 getting in with junior tickets e.t.c.


Ok thanks... so is it only kids who have to show their full season ticket book then. Mines 16 too but a student and the season ticket DOUBLED IN PRICE :evil: Could he give his to a 14 year old as it cost more than their ticket would have cost :D Only kidding... :wink:


How do they know who the 'named person' is though :?


Why one earth am I asking... I must be bored again :oops:

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