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a bit of a puzzler

Evil Sid

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I have one of those shower heads that that you can detach from the holder and use to get at the bits that sees little of the sunshine. (armpits?) anyhow what I have puzzled about over the last few months is this.


If I have finished my shower and leave the shower head lying on the shower tray. No matter how long I leave it from five minutes to five hours. When I come to put it back in it's holder as soon as i pick it up I end up with water dribbling out of the end and running down my arm.


So why does this happen every time even though the shower head is about three foot lower that the mixer tap (which in my shower is fed from above the shower itself.) I would have thought that any water in the pipe would have run down and out.


There is probably a simple explanation it is just that I have yet to think of it. :cry:

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Mine is exactly the same. I suppose the reason is that, there is no pressure of water when the shower is turned off to force the water through the shower head. Even though the shower head is lower than the feed, it is curled up on the floor of the shower. If you could suspend it straight down at full length, with no twists, I bet the problem would go away. Another solution would be to have a bath insted of a shower.

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The only twist is at the point that it lies on the shower tray.


I used to have a bath but took it out to put the shower in and it is a bit too inclement for the tin bath in the backyard (not to mention the fact that we are overlooked on all sides and as handsomes as I am I do not think the neighbours would be too pleased) :shock::shock::oops::oops::lol:

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