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My Sunset


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It's where I was fishing, a place called Sandiway Lake near Northwhich (58 acres). One of them natural shots that come along now and again.


I was just about to settle down for the night when I saw it. Unfortunately I missed what would have been the best shot with a bright red sun just on top of the tree line.

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Thanks P.J. your adjustments make everything more defined. I can see I have a lot to learn.



Bream and Tench are what I go for. I'm making the most of it, as the club seems hell bent on stocking it with rat fish (carp).

Sign of the times Wolfie, one of the reasons I finished with Lymm Anglers is that it was being taken over by the Bivvy & Boilie Brigade, they had infiltrated into the committee with most of the waterkeepers having attitude. :roll:

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Nice one Wolfie hahaaa. It is a good one though, I like it.

Don't want to upset you mate, but I hoofed a cheeky scouse stroke puller off there a couple of hours ago. :):)



I use a bivvy and fish at 70-80 yds distance. For the world I look like a carp angler. But that's where the similarity stops. I don't have their mindset. :):wink:

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