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Triumph of Education?


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Well, it would be if that's what the course claimed to do, as it is:


It was a Masters, so probably not publicly funded.


She's Canadian. (edited to add - higher fees for internationals)


It was part-time.


She enjoyed it.


She paid for it.


The university probably made a modest/healthy profit.


Where's the harm?


Here's the course (worth a nosey on the "Funding your study" button on the right):




For what it's worth, it looks to me like a "leisure" course for people with a particular interest in something, money to spare and time on their hands.


But I'm just a miserablist.

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Looks good on a CV to say you have a masters degree .... in this case though as long as you dont put what it was in :D


If she paid for it herself and enjoyed it then I see no problem in it.. although why anyone would want to do a course like that is beyond me :oops::lol:


Where's the quiz Geoff... I couldn't see it :wink:

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