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Crossing the line?


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I take it you are referring to Sky Sports and Andy Gray.


It's ridiculous how this has been blown up out of all proportion by Sky.

It was off camera and surely everyone is privately allowed their own opinion.

I should imagine that both are comfortably off and in their shoes I would have walked.

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Although I don't agree with what he said, I think you'l find he was sacked because it became public.


I have no doubt that behind the scenes far worse has probably been said.


Well, I can't be bothered splitting hairs on the first bit, but here's something about the second bit (he's got some form on this):






Cobblers. Offensive and unacceptable to who?


Well, for starters, there's me: there are now squillions of women out there who think all blokes are like AFG. Maybe some of them are comfortable with it, but I'm not.


Just in case you missed it, you should see this:



Correct and they should also sack the person who leaked it to the press


That's what HMG do whenever something embarrassing or damaging is leaked: "let's not tackle the problem, let's get the people who blew the whistle". I'd think twice about jumping into the same bed.




Actually whilst the PC Brigade twitter on about the trivia involved, this guy does have something worth getting up tight about - he apparently earns ?2million per year!


There is no such thing as "The PC Brigade", it only exists in your fevered imaginings.


You not heard about the case Gray has got against the News of the Screws?



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You jest. What world are you hiding in? No PC brigade. Like saying we are an independent country and don't have to obey the laws of the EU.

You want to be careful that your halo doesn't slip. Are you a vicar or a priest to lead such a pure life?

Don't you do banter with the lads and lasses?


I thought that we were all individuals who looked at life as that, not all behaving and thinking in a brain washed manner.


IMO, banter is one thing and it is done with a smile. A personal vicious verbal attack is something else.

Perhaps you need to watch some of the old TV programs to understand the world that a lot of us grew up in, all harmless fun.


Now Chubby Brown should be wiped off the face of the earth, but he is very popular. Where do you draw the line. Is Gray's attitude worse than all the killing and other evils?


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