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A Question for Cllrs Earl & Kenny and any others who


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I am writing this as an invitation for you to comment on the proposed 4.7% rise in council tax for Warrington for the coming year.


In times when we have public sector workers limited to a 2.5% rise (if they are lucky), pensioners on less than that and business owners who can't afford a rise because of the increase in fuel duties, business rates, raw materials etc. can you please explain how your council can justify this demand for extra money?


As a member of the Warrington public, I and probably most of my fellow townsfolk see nothing that can warrant such an inflation busting rise. There have been however, numerous fiascos which have resulted in money being spent when this expense could and should have been avoided.... The Ferris Wheel on the Town Hall Lawn, countless sets of traffic lights which only cause "confusion and delay" (to quote the fat controller) and some which the council seem too scared to actually switch on!


We have the current resurfacing works on Longshaw street which seem to be going on for longer than it took to build the M6. We have all sorts of examples of the council wasting money, but I am hard pressed to think of anything that appears to be improving (aside from Councillors allowances and expenses so it seems!)


So please take the time to respond and tell us why we should dig into our rapidly emptying pockets to cough up more money for you all to squander, but please, I am not interested in back biting and name calling with regards to Labour, Tory and the other lot... you are all in this together as far as we are concerned and who did what when doesn't matter.


As members of the public we are being hit with petrol rises, food price rises, gas price rises of 20%, electric rises of about the same and along with Gordon and Alistairs sneaky stealth taxes we are being financially crippled and cannot take much more.


So please, tell your friends on the council to log on to and tell us their opinions!


And just as a last thought, would you sanction arresting and jailing pensioners for not paying their council taxes?


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Doubt you will get a response Baz, at least not in plain English; mainly because the subject is extremely complex. The factor that distorts the local tax demand, is that local tax only provides around 25% of their funding, the rest coming from central Government, so any increased spend, or inadequate Gov support, can have a disproportionate effect on local taxation. The larger the Government Grant, the less demand on the local taxpayer (assuming a fixed level of spending). However, WBC is also in the red (?15mill I think); which presumably has to be repaid with interest. Over 70% of funding goes on staff salaries, and I've heard ?1 in every ?5 tax, is now paying staff pensions. Yes, we have the Ferris Wheel debacle, just has we had the Skittles; which largely arise from Councillors ego trips or their inability to control officers. :(

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With regards to WBC debt, the Council's borrowing according to their published figures was, at 31 March 2007 - ?89 million and at 31 March 2008 the forecast is for ?106 million....an increase of ?17 million, nearly all of which is long term borrowing. The average rate of interest being paid is 4.5%. As at 31 March 2007 the debt per head of Warrington population was ?555. Please send you cheques to WBC ASAP. :(


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Originally posted by Stephen Taylor:

I bet they are frantically looking round for other family jewels to sell;

Think they are already in hock to the pawnbrokers, just waiting for the baliffs to sieze the Mayor's chains and mace....at a full council meeting.....has anybody checked recently that they are the real thing.



PS Guess those who have been responsible for running up the debts aren't too "bovvered" they will probably be dead and gone before the proverbial hits the fan...and our children...and their children..... end up having to pick up the tab.

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