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There is one somewhere of a bloke with a 2 oz lead weight stuck right in his eye socket. The only thing showing on the weight was the swivel which was just hanging out of the corner of his eye. The lead weight is about 2" long and over half an inch in diameter.


Amazingly he made a full recovery with no loss of sight.

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Some years ago I was fly fishing at Appleton resevoir when a friend of mine hooked himself through the lobe of his ear with a large lure. He took himself to the hospital to see what they could do. When next I saw him he told me of the difficulty in trying to explain to a doctor, who spoke very little English, of why he had a very large hook, covered in brightly coloured feathers, stuck in his ear.

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Maybe he was responsible for the craze of having weird peircings and odd items in ones ear lobes that we see today :wink:


I never knew fishing could be so dangerous.... all I can think of because of you and Wingy is ' what if...... eyeballs...... :shock: '


Ooooh enough I'm going queasy again :oops::cry:

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