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The big 100?


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In the words of Freddie Mercury?who wants to live forever!


As I get older, things in this world seem to repeat themselves, people become more predictable and the reasons for war, catastrophes famine, disease, never seems to change, so what is the point for living beyond what is determined my fate, nature or God?


To live in a state of poor health and pain constantly is a living death for some and the sooner the eternal restful sleep comes the better.


The only way I would like to live for longer is if I could pick an age, say 25 and stay at that age, level of peak performance, youthfulness and fitness, till I pass away.


Happy new year every one!

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Think they're working on a pill for that Sue; but it'll be too late for us! :wink:


Observer, I have no doubt one day they will have a pill that can cure most things, but only if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it.


Even now they have medicine that can aid or slow down the effects of cancer, but the NHS can not afford to give for one reason or another.


What's the point of the dedicated people, doctors, scientists etc, who strive for years for the common good of the human race to find cures for all kinds of illness and suffering, only for the profiteers to give it the highest bidder and the people in need of it the most still die because of the lack of treatment and funds.


Seems it is cheaper to let people die rather than cure?

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