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Come Dine With Me


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I have some visitors dropping in. I want to make sure they get hooked on the food I am going to prepare for them. Something irresistible, something really tasty that will ensure they will keep comeing back for more.




A good fish meal base mix and around 20 mil of Octopus Squid and Liver concentrated flavouring.




Mix ingedients and roll into 14 mil sized balls. Put in a pan of boiling water for two minuits if you want a soft to medium textured snack. Leave in the boiling water for three minuits or slightly longer for a harder textured snack.




Bacon rind, with a liberal sprinkling of ox blood.




Double the rind over and Serve uncooked




Chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered peanuts. Or melted chocolate with a splash of vanilla.




1 Little Nipper mouse trap.




Remove the half inch metal spike from the end of the trap. Drill wood and replace metal spike with plastic bristle from a yard brush. The bristle is square in section unlike the metal spike which is round, which allows the snack to pull off too easily. Push bait onto the bristle, do not push bristle all the way through the bait. Only push it about two thirds of the way through. The bristle then forms a vacume inside the bait and is harder to pull off.


File the end of the long metal bar which sets the spring, into a flat shape. It is more sensitive that a round shape, and mind yer own fingers.


Tape a piece of paper to the shed door so you can chart your progress.








MOST POPULAR SNACK.... chocolate coverd raisins.

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:shock::shock: As responsible parents should we be worried :shock::lol:


Are children safe with you Wingy or is it just little four legged squeaky things you are referring too.... my phone may be switched off tomorrow :lol::lol:


If it's squeaky things YOU ARE SOOO CRUEL !!! ......try a bucket with cereal in with a plank of wood.... they go up fall in... munch away but can't get out... so you can go awwww aren't they cute then let them go.... more than 2 miles away of course or they will come back again :wink:


They like peanut butter too :wink:


Kids however... prefer coke, McDonnalds or Itunes vouchers :wink::lol:

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It may seem like I have gone to extreme or eccentric measures to rid my shed of mice. But I don't want them in my house, and that would be their next move now that Winter has arrived.


Something else that can be done, is to try a device called "Mouse Away". Availiable from DIY stores, it is a sonic device which is only audible to mice. it plugs into a wall socket and works like one of these air fresheners. They cost around ?30 - ?40, some people swear by them, others say they don't work. If my traps stopped working, I wouldn't hesitate in trying one of these out. I would try Anything to get rid of the horrible smelly little vermin that they are.


A device for detecting mice, although the smell of a mouse is enough to let you know that they are about, is something like the crime forencic boys use. It is a kind of torch/lamp. You direct the beam of light along the edges of cupboards or skirting boards. Mice usually run along the perimeter of walls where they can.


The mice are constantly dribbling (urinating) as they move about. And this is what you can smell when you walk into a shed or house where they have been. The beam from the torch/lamp picks up on the urine, and gives you a good indication as to where they are nesting. And remember, if you see a mouse, then it's a racing cetainty that you have a colony of them.







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I haven't tryed any yet Sid. I think I've nailed them all. I might still get one though.


Sorry Dizz, but the thought of any baby mice that are left in the nest crying, where's me mummy? I want me mummy is upsetting me, with it being near Christmas and all. :cry::cry::cry:


Hmmmm, there's a story there somewhere. :D:wink:

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Did you know that more brutal mouse traps when used incorrectly by a small inquisitive mouse can result in it losing a limb and being catapulted hard against a wall.... leaves a nasty splat mark apparently which takes a while to remove :shock::cry:


I wish I hadn't been told that as my immagination is going into overdrive and I keep seeing the 'image' :?

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