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I'm not :wink:


Here are some things about the Daily Express :wink:


1 The Daily Express is a right-wing, British tabloid newspaper. It is a middle-market title, the flagship title of Express Newspapers and is currently owned by Richard Desmond. As of September 2010, it has a circulation of 659,650. Richard Desmond also prints porn :shock:


2 The issue published on Saturday September 18th 2010 gave very prominent front page headlines to a story that stated that "islamic terrorists" working under the guise of "bogus street cleaners [had] allegedly hatched an audacious plot to blow up the pope". The plot, which the Express revealed had been foiled by a police raid at the "11th hour" was said to involve "plotters with links to Al Qaeda [who] planned 'a double blow to the infidel′ by assassinating the head of the Roman Catholic church and slaughtering hundreds of pilgrims and well-wishers." The Express further alleged "An investigation is also under way to determine if the foreign nationals had entered Britain legally and were entitled to work here." The six street cleaners arrested by the counter-terrorism police were said to be "no credible threat" and were released without charge the same day. In very small font on page nine of their issue for Sunday 19th, the Express noted that the men had been released :shock:


Nothing like stiring it up

3 The Daily Express has for many decades been a rival of the Daily Mail, and each frequently attacks the other's journalistic integrity. In the late 1990s, when Tony Blair's New Labour government was at its most popular, the Express attempted to reinvent itself somewhat: it developed a less stridently right wing political stance than the Mail and, under editor Rosie Boycott, presented an agenda to the left of the Mail's, referring to itself as "the voice of New Britain". However, the Boycott era was a very short-lived blip in the Express's long history, and since its acquisition by Richard Desmond the paper has moved back to the conservative right. It is known for its frequent headlines about immigration. It also focuses frequently on Muslims, in cases such as Aishah Azmi, a teacher who wore a burka, and the establishment of Shariah courts :shock: Din't we have a debate about that on here, Obs was bitting at the bit, despite the Express headline I don't think we have it yet


A right wing paper, with a right wing agenda :wink:


Is it possable Obs, you have been taken in by all this propaganda from the Express Obs :shock::wink: :wink:

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Just 2 points on your rant LtKije;


1. What has your anti Daily Express diatribe got to do with a petition against our membership of the EU. You're either for it or against it (and of course you're against it, goes without saying).

2. Obs hasn't posted on this topic yet. :wink::wink::wink:

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I think its important people should know about the paper behind such a campain, don't you :wink:


Actually I agree with you that the Express is a rubbish newspaper (along with the Telegraph, Mail, Guardian, Independent, Times etc) but at least they've started a campaign (it does have a "G" in it by the way :wink: ), probably short lived, against the corrupt EUSSR and should be applauded for that by all intelligent people. :wink::wink:

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Don't you think its funny Peter, That a paper that is so against Immigration also prints Asian Babes, Are you against Porn Peter :?:


You still haven't answered the question, what has the fact that the Express is a rubbish newspaper got to do with a petition against our membership of the EUSSR? :?:?:?:?

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Kije, if you are for doing things democratically, why are you so in favour of the EU?


The EU are only a few steps further on than Adolf when it come to democracy? they both do things their way regardless of what anyone thinks; the only difference is as you pointed out, Hitler killed people whereas as far as we know, the EU haven't......


as far as we know but then Nigel Farages' plane crash was a bit of a mystery!! :lol:

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It competes for readers with the Mail, and has been loosing for years, Its after Mail readers :wink:


As you keep saying to other posters, are you going to answer the question? What has the fact that the Express (and as I said previously , the Mail, Telegraph , Guardian, Independent etc) are rubbish newspapers got to do with the question of whether we should get out of the EUSSR while we still can? Of course you can't answer the question because you don't actually have an opinion on this issue, you are just a sheep who is happy to believe whatever your masters in Brussels tell you to. Sad but true. :shock::shock:

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