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Born of fire


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On a recent shoot with the photo club I took this shot. We were photographing fireworks, myself rather unsuccessafully. When I got home and downloaded my images I saw a strange figure in one of my images. I took a few stray lines out and placed a coup[le more and this is what came out.


I like it :lol:




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Don't bame you for putting a copyright on that PJ :D (and now we all know your full name too :wink: )


Now here's a dilema cos I've still not managed to chose a favourite yet but I think that ones in the lead now :D


You've just reminded me... I took loads of our fire on bonfire night. Not looked at them yet but I'll upload my best one (if I have a best one anyway as my camera is naff ) :oops::lol:


Did you check out the printing place by the way ?

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Specsavers... Given your problem you should get discount.

His name was on the last lot he loaded. :P


Ok so I missed PS' name last time :P:wink: but what do you mean by 'Given my problem'... people will think I'm odd now :shock::lol:


Can specsavers stop me seeing faces in my fire photo's though... :shock:


I just looked at them all and two of them freaked me out. Not uploading those at bed time or I wont sleep tonight :oops:


Used too see them in the patterns on my bedroom curtains too but those ones never bothered me as they were niice ones but the ones in the fire are creepy looking :oops: Do I have 'issues' :lol:

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Going back to my photos and my 'friends' :?:oops:


Here are the two photo's that freaked me out a little although probably just me and my overactive imagination... and 'problems' :lol:


(Ignore the fact that the photo's are really naff but that's my camera's fault... honest :lol: )





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Thank goodness for that I thought I was going mad... again :shock::lol:


But then again maybe it would have been better of you had just said it was my imagination rather than making me now think it's the devils work :shock::twisted::shock::cry:


I think I'll airbrush them out and see if they come back :oops::lol:

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