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greenery destruction by WBC


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the latest scam by wbc council officials is undoubtedly the cycle tarmac being laid throughout Warrington that replaces the green grass trees and shrubbery that were a delight.

The council vandals are destroying the scenery under the pretence that everypone wants cycle lanes and will cycle to work to shops or even to the council offices!


Whilst the tarmac will save on maintenance costs and probably result in fewer people being employed to cut the grass and chop the trees, it will probably become overgrown through lack of use ( unless the council officials responsible can find some cyclists) or even used as athird lane for lorries and HGVs to use when the congestion on the roads becomes worse. After all they can then ignore the traffic lights just like cyclists

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Can't say I've noticed any of the new cycle lanes you mention but I don't get out much :lol: .... where are they ?


Surely it's not right that greenery and trees are removed from the roadside though to make way for them as don't trees etc help combat emmissions and pollutions ?


Could be wrong though :oops::wink:

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Out of interest did you know that the majority of roads in Warrington are classed as 'yellow and green' roads according to the map produced by Warrington Borough Council and the Warrington Cycle Campaign


.... So if you're new to cycling, or haven't cycled much for some time, you should start off on the yellow and green roads where traffic is generally light and speeds low.


Sort of all contradicts part of the cycle campaigners need for 20 mph speed limits on all residential roads :?




I suspect this topic will soon closely follow the other long discusion re cyclists and traffic :lol:

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A lot of new cycle lanes going in around westbrook, whittle hall and great sankey. They have narrowed the road at the roundabout junctions to provide a wider island but didnt think to remark the road as one lane. You now get 1 and a half lanes on approach. i understand this is causing problems at peak time.


Best of the best though. Leaving Westbrook northbound and just on the left after the red bridge (4 span), they widened the path there (didnt think we had congtestion on cycle paths!) and .........then marked in big letters on the path where another joins:






What next, speed cameras, traffic calming, traffc lights (see calver road - not yet working but lights for bikes only!) for cyclist/ pedestrians. :evil:

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They are busy? destroying Blackbrook Avenue in Padgate now.


For over 30 years there has been no need for any path along here until some body had decreed there will be a path.


I would like to know who authorised this vandalism. Perhaps a councillor or even the destroyer can reply


No doubt they will be recruiting lots of cyclists to use their new path.

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What you have to understand is that the EU require certain boxes to be ticked in respect of cycle provision. The cycling nazis are part of the conspiracy and has nothing to do with catering for pedestrians as there were footpaths there already.


There are very few cyclists around Westbrook and very few pedestrians, not so much that they get in each others way anyway.


Speaking of daft cycle lane markings, there are namy I know, but the daftest I have seen other than the white line that is supposed to seperate cycles and pedestrians (The cyclists hardly ever use them anyway and prefer to get in the way of traffic on the roads instead, but that is another story) The daftest white paint is on Cromwell avenue; heading towards ASDA from town, just before you reach the Gullivers turn there is a bridge. The footpath/cycle lane is on the left side and directly under the bridge is a section of ribbed flagging about the width of the bridge where it passes over the road. On either side of the ribbed bit of footpath are stop lines painted .... now bearing in mind that they are about 6 foot apart, you can imagine how totally useless and meaningless they are!

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