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Gizza job!


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Well, we now have jobs for the jobless; errm, so if there are jobs that need doing (litter collection etc), why not just pay them the minimum wage to do it, and hey presto, they're in work? :? There is a silver lining of course: if they pay them nowt or next to nowt; it should mean they can undercut immigrant labour! :wink:

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So if I pick it up like I usually do then throw it down again would I get paid double if I picked it up a second time... double time at ?0 = ?0 though :lol:


Joking aside I usually pick up along the canal banks etc as due to Health and Safety rules the street picker-uppers are NOT allowed to lean over the canal fence... you think I'm joking BUT I'M NOT !!! :roll::lol:


Bless them them must feel pretty stupid that they are not allowed to but I DO :lol:

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Kije, believe me, Obs is far from "hard right" when it comes to immigration


Immigration will always be a subject which gets people wound up, especially when hard working taxpayers see non hardworking immigrants getting things for free that they (the tax payers) cannot afford


If only it was seen that assylum seekers tried everything to stop at the first country safe to give them asylum, but unfortunately we are constantly told of the truck loads of assylum seekers trying desperatetly to get to the UK to get the handouts and freebies.


Personally, I am not a great lover of assylum seekers, but this country has always been fair to those that truly need help, unfortunately, too many people now exploit our generous systems and that too winds up the local populous and leads to a rise in the BNP votes etc. and to be fair, a lot of it is not made any easier by the EU free movemnet of citizens which Brown and Blair did not cap which lead to the mass influx of Eastern Europeans.


This country is only of a certain size and we can nly support so many people with the infrastructure we have and even though masses of Eastern Europeans are allowed to come over here to work, it is the local councils who have to pay for the translators and the teachers and even the Polish road signs (as they have in Crewe) and that again winds up the loacsl....


there is no easy answer Kije, but just dismissing everyone who dares to mention the subject as a racist, is just akin to sticking your head in the sand....

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The other one of course is housing benefit and the uproar it is causing because the coalition want to cap payments.... however; when you see that one council: Camden, is paying over ?720,000 a year in housing benefit to just 20 families, you can see where the problems lie.


If a working person can't afford their mortgage or rent, they move so relocating 20 families who can't afford their rents after the benefits are cut isn't a problem in my eyes....

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There is a point: immigration and the EU are two major issues that are of concern to more and more people, BUT, todate politicians have swept them under the carpet and failed to address public disquiet, thus there is a disconnect between the political class and the people. That's how/why, a Local Council like HarinGAY, can use tax-payers money to employ a woman to look after the interests of Roma Gypsies, no doubt with the assistance of legal aid (again from the tax-payer), in order to encourage folk into this Country (by-passing others), in order to seek the bounty of our benefits system legally or illegally. Still, there are occasionally silver linings, on the issue of the 11,000 foreign prisoners in our jails (out of a total popualtion of 85,000), who this Government now wish to deport, NOT cos it makes sense, but cos, in this age of austerity, they can't afford it. :shock:

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