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Orford Park Project - gymnastics

Student Geoff

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Geoff - read my response properly before you post such outbursts. :o

I said the gym wasn't mentioned because we were talking about football and rugby.

I did not say there were no plans for gymnastics.

It just wasn't discussed in the interview I arranged to talk about rugby, which also linked in with football with the Wolves links with Liverpool and mine at Warrington Town.


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So Gymnastics may just maybe still in the scheme of things as far as the Orford Project goes? I only say this because over the years they have been promised this and that and nothing has been delivered.


Apologies for miss-reading your post above but is there any chance that you might included in a future interview a chat with Eric Bibby (Warrington Gymnastics Club) along with some other minority sports that do so well for Warrington on the National and International stages? :D


[ 24.12.2007, 14:27: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]

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Probably be missed out.... if it isn't anything to do with bloody Football and Rugby, most don't want to know.


I really dispair about this country hiolding the Olympic Games in a few years. It will probably be the first time in history that the host country doesn't win anything!!

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Gary, reading the update with regards to the Orford Park project, i see that it is being led by The Warrington Borough Council in partnership with TONP (The Orford Neighbourhood Project), So "if" a gymnasium were to be on the agenda for the project, would i be right to assume that it would be a council funded/run gym, leaving it open to children from all social backgrounds... Or not? :wink:

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