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Cat Sightings.


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I have seen something about 7 years ago, and it was in the Cheshire area, Just on the outskirts of Knutsford to be precise. But I won't go into detail just yet.


Have you seen anything, or do you think it's all a hoax or fantasy? or at all possible?

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Catfish, I've seen one of them too. In fact I am the only person to have seen it on the lake where I go. Came up and grabbed a cygnet not ten feet from where I was sitting. Fortunately the cygnet got away as the parent bird attacked the Catfish, although the cygnet had to be destroyed at a later date because of its shattered wing.


As for the large cat, nope, that was genuine. At least I think it was. :wink:


I thought I saw a kangaroo on the grass verge opposite me house this morning. On closer inspection it was just a greyhound answering a call of nature.

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Well I'm clearly not as mad as Wingy so that's a good sign :lol::wink:


Shock treatment and 'mind over matter' therapy is maybe what I need so I've just been taking close up pics of a huge fat garden spider (from 3 inches away EEK) to get one back on my dad :shock::shock::? That should keep me awake if nothing else :lol: I HATE SPIDERS... NO I DON'T THEY ARE LOVELY CUDDLY PRETTY LITTLE CREATURES :?:D Does anyone have a spare straight jacket :lol:


Been on the look out for Wingys big cats roaming the canal bank too but not spotted one yet..... not seen the fox for a while though :shock:

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It just so happens that I changed me fishing trip this weekend and did a quick overnighter last night instead, as the conditions were more favourable. I got to telling Shack Nasty Jack whom I was fishing with, about my big cat sighting some years ago. I then added that we might start a rumour off on the lake, even to make some Panther prints out of wood and go around the lake imprinting them in some likely looking places. It might frighten some anglers off said I. and we could have the place to ourselves. :D


Oh said he, you didn?t hear about the lads from Stoke two years ago then? I told him of what I had heard and put it down to scare tactics to empty the lake a bit. No no no said he, it wasn?t quite like that. I?ll tell you what happened. He said that he had come onto the car park early one morning by the lake.


There were five blokes sat in the back of a small van, and that they had been there all night. On talking to these blokes they told Shack Nasty that they had seen a large cat, like a Panther hanging about on the car park the previous night. They threw their rods up the bank and got into the van for safety, and stayed there all night. They described it as , as big as a labradore but with a long low slung back (the same description as to what I saw).


I suppose it?s one of them really, you either believe them or you don?t, and the same goes for me. Farmer Parmer also confirmed that something was hanging about on his land and adjoining areas. I have no doubt that these big cats do exist in this country. And don?t forget Dizzy, you thought I was fibbing about the grass snake. :shock:


(More about Shack Nasty Jack at a later date).

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