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No water

little fella

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LF, It's the other side of town.

If you people read the daily news on the Front Page, you would be aware of this and also be aware of WHERE!!!!!.

It will be back on first thing in the morning.


Water switch off

by staff reporter

HOUSEHOLDERS in Warrington will have to go without water on Monday March 17 as United Utilities carry out repair work on a leaking main.

Around 19,000 homes will be with out water whilst the 24 ft main is being repaired.

Homes in Blackbrook, Padgate, Orford, Cinnamon Brow, Woolston, Fearnhead, Bruche, Paddington, Birchwood, Oakwood, Locking Stumps, Howley and in the Manchester Road area, will all be affected by the switch off.

They will be without water from 10pm on Monday, March 17, until supplies are turned back on again at 7am on Tuesday, March 18.

All householders who will be affected will receive notification of the turn off prior to March 17.

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Originally posted by T F and the Wire:

Pity it's only the 10th March then isn't it?


We are off in Woolston.

They'll be having a practise run.

perhaps there has been a burst? Ring United Utilities.


It's all part of the greater plan. Electric off here a few days back, Water off there tonight, what will it be next week?

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