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  1. Oops sorry didn't read the rest of this and hadn't noticed that the shredded paper issue had already been discussed.
  2. Apparantly we are not allowed to put shredded paper in our new blue bins. Does that mean that they are now expecting me to put everything I receive with my name and address and account numbers on straight into the bin? Guess my shredded paper will have to go into the black bin from now on.
  3. great idea but what about the families who own their own homes? Are not on benefits? and are responsible. Just because you have an unruly child doesn't mean you don't care about what happens to them and where they are at night. They may be the exception in that family. What happens then to that family who has tried everything in their power to sort out he problem and gets no where?
  4. Forgot to add Obs - we do have house rules which his younger siblings manage to live by without any problems. The people he was hanging around with didn't seem to though and as hard as we tried we couldn't get through to him.
  5. Since the start of the year he does now seem to be growing up, he has a girlfiend and a job. He is now 17 and seems to be going back to the great lad he was before he turned 13. We are still sat waiting for the police to turn up at the door though every time he goes out, not sure how long it will be before we are able to trust him completely. He has a new group of mates who are his age and not a few years older. We still have silly tantrums but he is at least listening to me and his Dad now and not trying to fight us all the time. I do think though that not being able to give them a quick slap when they start acting up has a lot to do with the attitude of the teenagers these days. I sound really old but i'm not and I remember quite clearly getting a clip round the ear from my Dad if we played up and it certainly never did us any harm. We also would never of dreamed of quoting the human rights acts at him.
  6. Unfortunately this won't work. About 18 months ago we were going through a terrible stage with our 15 year old. Getting arrestted, drinking, exluded from school etc etc. We contacted social services and told them that we were going to throw him out as we could take no more and it wasn't fair for his younger brothers to have to live with it. They told us we would be done for abondoning a minor and as they had no record of him or us then there wasn't anything they could do.
  7. The water has been switched off tonight though and not the 17th. Knew about the one on 17th we have had a card. Not everyone sits readng this online all day ether to find these things out.
  8. Woolston is another area. Didn't hear it on the news either. Wish I knew I went for a shoer and there was nothing there. Does this mean that it won't be switched off next week now?
  9. The pressure is still really low in woolston. No water upstairs in our house and a trickle downstairs, shower won't work because the pressure is to low. The recorded message from UU says it could be like this for another couple of days. It is because of a burst at Bewsey which is close to a gas mains and is making the repair dificult. I wonder if we will get any sort of refund on water bills? I think the answer will be ......NO.
  10. You must be confused the protest is not about the walk the kids will have to do to get to school it is about them closing the school and ruining our community. If, however, it is not safe for a group of adults and children to walk into town from woolston then obviously the powers that be must think that it will be unsafe for unsupervised children to walk to Padgate everyday to get to school.
  11. People have already started moving their children out of woolston high. They don't want to take the chance that they will be left with supply teachers etc. Nobody will put it down as an option for their kids if it is set to close and then come february when they make their "final decision" they will turn round and say that nobody wanted to go there anyway. Children are being moved from primary schools in area as well because they don't want to go to the new partner school (padgate). There is also people moving from the area to get birchwood postcodes so they stand a better chance of getting them in there when the time comes. Woolston will become a retirement area, with low house prices. Who wants to live in somewhere without local schools etc.
  12. Hi all, I am new to this but thought I would put across the kids points of view. I have a child in year 6 at the moment. Two older children at woolston High. He was looking forward to starting high school next year with his friends, who he has grown up with and all live nearby. They are now likely to be split up and sent to different schools. As if year 6 wasn't stressful enough for the kids they now have the added worry of where they are going to end up next September. There is no guarantee that we will get our alternative schools of choice - which is certainly not Padgate, and if we do his friends may not - again Padgate is not their school of choice. He is worrying already about will happen to him, something which I don't think any child should be doing at the age of 10.
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