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police want more money


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why should the Cheshire police get any more money from council charge apayers?

This is askihg the few to pay for the majority. If Mr Fahy wants more money he should go to the treasury and get back some of the money they have stolen from the public and not try and take it from council tax payers/

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Having met Peter Fahy a couple of years ago at the Cheshire HQ where I attended a Chartered Management Institute meeting he appears to be a very focused man who wants to deliver the best possible police service.


Like all service heads he has to put foward and cost his plans for the future and negotiate for more money and state his case for an increase.


At the end of the day it is us who have to foot the bill one way or another.


Do we pay nationally, provincially or locally?


Well just like Peter that's were we come in and critically assess the situation. The regular Police Forums, lobbying WBC Councillors and attending Parish Council Meetings are all ways that you can and must express your views.


Mick Curran was a great exponent of this lambasting them when they failed and supporting them when they achieved. We used to have some firey sessions at Fearhead Community Centre.


He certainly was their ctitical friend in a very Mick Curran way. :D

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