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BMX Bike Shop Closure = xmas tears !!!


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'The Firm' bike shop off Bridge Street suddenly ceased trading 2 weeks before Xmas :o


People who orderd bikes for xmas simply got a letter telling them that the company hoped that the Christmas trade would have improved their situation, but they found themselves unable to continue even through December."


People who had placed orders were told that if they paid paid on their credit card they can make a claim and if they has paid by debit card they should try to stop it..... can you do that ?????


If you paid cash it's tough **** and you've lost your money as well as having disappointed kids !!


Now whilst I symphathise with small businesses who are struggling to keep afloat in Warrington surely as this shop obviously KNEW they were in a dire financial position they SHOULD NOT have taken peoples money up-front for orders that they obviously knew they may not be able to fullfill !!


It seems far too easy these days for companies to just shut up shop when the going gets tough without them having to pay any debts / refunds owed to their customers/suppliers...

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It was on Suez Street and was the place most youngsters talked about... street cred if you went to 'The Firm' :D !


Only a small shop but catered for bmx'ers, scateboarders, mountain bikers etc etc. Did bike repairs too..... and sold all the bits to pimp your ride :D


Guess they just didn't sell enough though eh :confused:

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Going off the subject a little, does anyone know where I can sell a bike thats only been used about 10 times. I'm a great lover of cycling but for some reason I can't make friends with my new bike, its got a cross bar ( have never had one before) as its unisex, I wanted to make sure I got one big enough for me ( 5'11''). It can actually be a struggle ridding a bkie that too small.


Any way I dont want what I paid for it , no where near really but would like to if possible sell it and put the money towards one a little bit smaller that doesn't have a cross bar because I think cross bar is why I can't make friends with it, I dont feel safe on it atall partly because I got knocked off a previous bike on a motorway roundabout which knocked my confidence terribly and I just cant after all these years get used to a cross bar.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I dont really want folk coming round to mine to look at the bike really with living on my own although realise it may have to be that way but if there was some where that I could sell it to that would then sell it on that would be fab.


[ 02.01.2008, 13:19: Message edited by: Tilly ]

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Originally posted by McBain:

There are other bike shops in Warrington that do BMX and mountain bikes (not serious bikes like what I ride :P ) if it's any consolation.

Probably not much consolation to the people who lost their money and the kids who didn't get their bikes for xmas :roll:
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Agreed - but if anyone out there does get their money back via their credit card company there are other shops that are willing to help them spend it.


As for Tilly's problem - EBay is certainly one solution. Depending on what sort of bike it is (mtd, road bike?) it might be a good idea to see if a bike shop will take it off your hands for a nominal sum.

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