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With polls indicating 66% support for a ban on wearing the burkha in public, our political "representatives", have decreed from their Ivory Towers, that such a ban would be "un-British". It seems "the British" are a tolerant people, now the door mat of the world, and no doubt we will welcome as assylum seekers, all those Muslims fleeing the persecution of a burkha ban in Belgium and France. And politicians wonder why they are now viewed by a majority as an out of touch irrelelvence. :roll:

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viewed by a majority as an out of touch irrelelvence.


I would like to see your proof for this statement,I would agree that alot of people are but not a majority :!:


If were the case, less than 50% would vote :wink:


As most of the time with you, you are actually speaking for a minority :wink:

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Personally I would prefer action to get your own way by stealth. refuse service in the likes of banks;; benefit offices and the like; credit/debit transactions; sales of alcohol/cigarettes to those who partake; etc.


It's a shade of grey area. We have hoodies and people wrapped up in the cold and what have you. We can't ban everything.


Happy days

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A Conservative MP in Kettering has said he wont hold meetings with Muslim women wearing full Islamic dress in his constituency surgery unless they lift their face veils. :shock:


He is of course getting a lot of backlash from muslim groups and other officials but his reasoning is that she can see his face but if he can't see her's he has no idea if she is who she says she is. Of course a lot can be read from a persons facial expression too when they are talking such as happiness, sadness and anger.


I must admit I find people wearing the burkha quite intimidating and they un-nerve me a bit. Odd I know :oops:

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