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Indy appointed a 'You Tube Partner' !!!!


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:shock::D Well after 5 months of waiting since my application i'm pleased to announce that I have been appointed as a You Tube Partner !!!! 8):)

This means that my films will now be actively Syndicated around the world by the You tube Team increasing audience viewing figures dramatically and my films promoted to many new areas and people within the film industry...... :shock:


I would like to thank everyone who have viewed my films on the forum and I will continue to post new features on here.


The criteria for becoming a You Tube Partner are very tough to say the least based on content, quality and audience interest in the films uploaded and also design of the site :P


Here is a link to the new look Partner site ...


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So basically you have just been 'using' us all the time then Indy by bombarding us with all your videos which we all gladly watched cos we know you and in doing so we added to your you-tube rating :lol::P:wink:


Ok so they were blummin' good too :D:wink:


Good luck and I hope you will remember us all when you are rich and famous :D:wink:

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