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This season a couple of RU club games have been staged at Twickers and Wembley and both had attendances in excess of 50,000 - no Super League game is likely to achieve anything approaching these figuresd if using say Old Trafford as a one off.

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Sadly, the RL Challenge Cup has been devalued in much the same way as the FA Cup...I believe that St Helens could only muster slightly more than 4,000 spectators against Barrow. If that's the best one of our leading RL clubs can do then the Challenge Cup is in a bad way. For me the Challenge Cup will always be the one to win but I'm an old flatulent and the likes of myself are now considered to be dinosaurs. Grand Finals are a half baked limited knock-out competition imported from down under. In turn the awarding of Grand Final rings to the players are an idea imported from American Football.

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Now having researched this a little I have discovered the Rugby Union event also included lots of junior games before the event for national titles e.t.c.

There were a couple of hundred people from Lymmd own at the event to celebrate the Under 10's being crowned national champions.

It was one of many curtain raisers which helped boost the crowd.

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