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just a passing thought.....

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I noticed tonights top of the table clash between Leigh and Featherstone on a warm summery evening in a state of the art stadium only attracted 2,400 fans ok not a critisism thats life ....


But it set me wondering that had we been relegated back in 2002 just how we would have gone on regards crowds and a strong supporter base ???

We now boast say 10,000+ crowds just how many would have watched us tonight playing Fev :?:

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If we had been relegated I have no doubt our crowds would have dwindled similar to those of Leigh.


The crowds have only flocked back to the HJ, since we won the Challenge Cup last year, and the consistency of this season so far. I have no doubts that if we started to lose games and slipped back down the table the crowds would fritter away again.


Success brings success if we keep winning and playing well the crowds will remain...Fact of life I guess.

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I think disposable income has a lot to do with it. How many families of four can afford ?48 plus extras last Thursday and again last night?


Good point,being a season ticket holder you dont think of the cost on a game by game basis, it is always a bit of a shock handing over hard cash at away games.



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Even in the gloomy final days at Wilderspool fighting relegation we still had a hard core support of 4-5,000 people.

The move to the Halliwell Jones and better facilities is what doubled the crowds.

So if we had got relegated and were still at Wilderspool we would have probably still kept the same hard core support.

The three things which generate bigger crowds are success, better facilities and a growing fan base to target.

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