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Reaching a Roman Milestone .......


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:D Archaeologist & Historian James Balme has been researching an ancient settlement in Cheshire for over 12 years and in that time he has revealed many treasures left behind by our ancestors.



Coins, brooches and even pottery have been recovered by James during his research. But as James investigates what he believes to be an ancient Roman highway he has finally found a damning piece of evidence that points to the surrounding landscape being part of a busy Roman road crossing the fields on its way north in the military campaign to conquer Northern Britain, a Roman Milestone hit by the plough and tossed into the hedgeline by the landowner to avoid further damage to his plough blades !!!

This is just a taster of the forthcoming feature that will tell an exciting story of how the fields of Cheshire once played host to an invading force !!!

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As a matter of interest, when should archeologists stop digging?

They cannot be much more to find out about what has gone before?

There must become a point when archeologists stop digging and researching in a given place?


In a thousand years time will archeologists be found researching in Sankey Street or will they rely from archive images from ?Google Street View? or pictures from Warringtons' famous photographer ?Birtles?.

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It's amazing just how little they do dig - watched Time Team the other night, and they can only dig a few trenches based on geofizz and intuition; and the only chance they get in built up areas, is when a building is being demolished and a new one built. :shock:

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Often wonder what people of the future will think when they come across the 'artefacts' left behind from our times here.


I can just see it now.... superb example of a 'Bench' belt buckle found alongside a hord of intact bottles bearing the inscription 'Stella' and 'Jack Daniels' :lol:


What will they make of our pottery... will they be able to differentiate between morrisonware, asdaware and tescoware. Will they get more excited if they find M&Sware. What will the metal detectorists make of all the empty coke/beer cans and other litter that sometimes finds itself being buried.


What about landfill sites bet that will confuse the heck out of them all :lol:


Time to stop before I start sounding silly :lol::wink:

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Peter T, Dizzy...

very interesting, I often think when schools, builders etc who put box's in the ground for future generations to find, they put things of the day into the box such as a newspaper, toy etc, what they should put in, is a Argos Catalogue, this os surely a better snap shot of the day and it give prices and the things we use, just a thought.

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