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Jobs Club at Conservative Party Offices


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It seems when it was launched it was not "political"




Now, come the General Election- it has a visit from Ken Clarke and is featured in Mowat's election flyer as a Conservative party job club.



Is it or is it not being used to sway voters??


I am reminded of the 3 million unemployed last time round so wonder if they are being sincere?

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Sounds sincere enough to me as the job club has been running at the Conservative offices near the swing bridge for absolutely ages.


Anything that can help people back into work through training, help and advice is a good thing in my opinion regardless of who is running it.

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Anything, by anyone, from any party, which helps people back into employment should be seen as commendable.

If warrington-worldwide had a run a successful job club or anything else in the community I would have publicised the fact and been proud of it.

As warrington-worldwide is non-political and promotes the work of all those doing good in the community I hope my comments are not seen as being politically biased.

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