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Rate the players so far


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We have played about 12 games this season how would you rate the players so far on a scale of 1 - 10



Mathers 5

Riley 7

King 9

Atkins 5

Hicks 5

Briers 6

Monaghan 8.5

Morley 8

Myler 5

Carvell 8

L Anderson 7

Westwood 7

Bridge 7

V Anderson 4

M Higham 5

P Wood 8

S Grix 6

D Solomona 7

J Clarke 0

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Can anyone be given a 9 after the Hull KR result? Not by me, I am afraid.

It is based on their performances throughout the season - Sunday was a blip.

Any one can beat anyone in the Super League. This will not be Warrington's last loss this season and it doesn't suddenly make them a poor team or poor players.

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I'm not going to score any of them, but I will say that Solomona has made a big difference to some of the other forwards. Not only is he off-loading, but most of the others are too. Paul Wood probably hasn't done 20 offloads in his career until this season, but he's well up on the Opta stats. Solo has made a big difference, he's completely different to anything we've had in years.

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Too much emphasis is being placed on the off-loads...Unless it damages the oppositon it has no value whatsoever...It's just a slipped pass whilst being held in the tackle which is all Wood is doing...On the other hand if it's an off-load which puts a team mate through a gap then it adds value to the team....To hark back to another era, we had a prop forward called Nat Silcock who was a past master at the offload who used to put Laurie Gilfedder through defensive gaps with his off-loads which led to Gilfedder making many breaks and scoring tries. Unfortunately though Silcock didn't have any tatoos....There weren't many Maori warriors down Widnes way in those days.

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You mean like the offload that Woody made on Sunday that put Myler through the gap for a try. The value of the good offload is that it invariably leads to more ground being made or the reciever being put through the gap. Furthermore each individual offload can result in another tackle being made by the opposition.

Going back a few years, Ken Parr, when he was on song, was an expert at the slipped pass out of the tackle. For a couple of years in the late sixties he made Barry Briggs and Ray Clark look like worldbeaters.

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