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AS Roma v Man United


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Did anyone watch the game tonight? Christiano Ronaldo's goal was an absolute, skilful beauty!!! I really enjoy a good game played by any team and tonight's was fabulous! 2 -0 to Man United? Great! Although I'm a LFC supporter, that was a really good result.



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Now that we have got all this friendly Scouse v Manc banter/bull out of the way, lets look at the facts.


Ronaldo's goal was superb :(


I couldn't give a monkey's who wins between Arsenal and Poo but if pushed I would prefer Arsenal, basically because for entertainment value they are streets ahead of Liverpool. However entertainment is not a major requirement to win the Champions League and probably the reason why Liverpool seem to do so well in it. :roll:

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Originally posted by Charles Bronson:

Put your money on Liverpool to win it !


They've won it five times you know ! :roll:

You are correct with the second statement :roll:


And you may well be correct with the first. Poo were very very lucky tonight, but as I previously said, for entertainment Arsenal are streets ahead of Poo, but for luck light years behind. :roll:


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Kuyt was a penalty but then again penalties could be awarded from every dead ball and corner incident with defenders pulling on opposition e.t.c.

Torres is no more a cheat than Ronaldo and Drogba.

Poo are a two man team - 47 goals between them proves that!

Liverpool could win it! :)

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