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Seen any ghosts?


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Thankfully I've never personally seen one as I think I would just freak out :shock:


Know others who say they have seen ghostly apparitions and who have witnessed 'strange' goings on and orbs etc and I've seen a recording of what is apparently supposed to be an 'apparition' in a local house....


... I didn't sleep for nights after seeing it as it was rather weird and scarey :oops::shock:


Ok so now you all know my one and only 'weak' point :lol::oops:

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Many years ago, a group of builders were working on a church.

They had an apprentice and part of his job, as usual for apprentices was to make the brews. The place where he used to brew up was down in the vaults on an old gas ring . One of the walls in the vault had collapsed and you could actually see some very old coffins. One of the jobs to be done was to rebuild the wall at a later date.


One day while the gang were having their dinner break up in the vestry, the apprentice said; look what I?ve got, and shown them a gold coffin handle which he had taken from the vault. Needless to say, the apprentice was chastised for what he had done, and he did have a bit of a reputation as being a bit of a tea leaf at the time. One of the gang members told him that who ever the coffin belonged to could come back and haunt him for the rest of his life.


The apprentice returned the handle and no more was said. A few weeks later, the gang were working in the vestry, and as usual they sent the apprentice down to the vaults to brew up. Unbeknown to the apprentice, one of the gang had gone down into the vaults before him, and was lying in wait behind a large metal door with a sledge hammer in his hand. The apprentice went down the steps into the vaults, and started to brew up on the gas ring, all the time silently being watched by the foreman from behind the metal door.


The foreman bided his time and waited until the apprentice had made the tea and was just about to go back up the stone stairway out of the vaults. His timing was perfect as he let fly with the sledgehammer against the metal door with one almighty {{{BANG}}}!


The teapot went over the apprentices head and he went up the stone stairs three at a time. Other members of the gang swear that as the apprentice was running hell for leather up the church isle, his hair was literally stood on end. :D:D:D

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I am not sure I have seen a ghost or spirit - but there are places that I have been that I felt something was different or odd.


One such place was a house that was for rent, I had always loved the look of that house and the rent was cheap, so I asked the realtor to show it me. I was walking downstairs and got the oddest feeling (shiver)I was not welcome.


The house was really nice, but maybe the oddity was the reason the house was cheap? I left and never went back. :shock:

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