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Land Leases and ground rent ?


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When we bought our house the land that it is built on was said to be 'Leasehold' ie we had to pay a ground rent to the freeholder each year.


In over 18 years we have never paid it as no-one has ever asked and we have no idea who we were supposed to pay anyway.


According to the 'particulars' recorded with Land Registry the Ground rent fee is is ?2.2s.0d and the lease term was 999 years from 25 March 1911 (we should be ok then)


It also lists two 'parties' that the land was held under in 1915 both of whom will be long gone by now... no idea if one was the freeholder and one the leaseholder at the time.


So any idea how on earth I find who now actually owns the freehold and how we can buy it ?

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Thanks but land registry don't seem to know any more than I do and whoever owns it now obviously isn't that bothered about getting my pennies.


Spoke to someone else today who said quite often 'others' (mainly developers) will buy old land leases for a particular roads or areas bit by bit as they find them so that they eventually own a larger area of land.


Couldn't see the point myself with most old leases such as ours lasting for many many years... but apparently if as a homeowner you ever apply for planning permision or decide to sell they can come out of the woodwork and have a say in what you can/can't do.


Sounds a bit far fetched to me though and cant say I'll lose any sleep over it... for now anyway :?

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is there no indication on the deeds as to who holds the lease.


i know the lease hold to mine is handled by a solicitors in stockton heath. i get a bill from them each year for the grand sum of ?7.50.


you could also have a word with your neighbours as they might be paying the people who hold your lease.


things though if you do find out who it is they will want all the back ground rent.

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