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Sound alike?

Sue Durnim

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Isn?t the English language strange to speak and spell?


Duel - combat

Dual ? two parts/functions

Jewel - precious stone


Refuse - decline something or waste


Read ? to read something or something I have read

Red - colour

Reed - plant


Polish ? someone from Poland or to make shiny












Spell ? magic, correctly, short period of time


I have always found the English language very strange and enjoyable!

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I believe spoken Chinese is much thae same in that a lot of words with different meanings sound the same, the meaning of the word being derived from the context it's being used in. :shock::shock:


Chinese is even worse, as it's also a tonal language, so a word spelled and pronounced the same way can have different meanings according to your tone when you say it.... fair old scope there for getting oneself in hot water, eh? :shock:

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