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i was in my office when the tannoy announced that our state of alert at work had just gone to the highest level. my boss came in and said there had been an air crash in america.


we had a look on the web and saw the footage of the plane hitting the buildings. it was only after reading the commentary that we realised that it had been an attack and the reason we had gone to full alert.


we just sat there stunned for the best part of ten minutes, unable to believe what had happened.

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I remember it as if it was yesterday :cry:


I'd got back from work earlier than usual and had just made a cup of tea and turned the TV on. Thought the channel had a film on but then realised it was REAL.

Sat there glued to it in asolute disbelief watching the breaking news unfold.


Picked my son up from primary school at 3pm, everyone was talking about it, many were in tears.


I can remember who was stood where in the playground as we talked and the kids coming out and asking all their mums, dads etc what was happening as word had already spread about it in school and some of them were scared thinking there was a war :cry:

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