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Will Ricky Hatton do it tonight?


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The problem with paying for the fight, is that you either stop up all night, or set the tape, not knowing what time it will start.


The result could go either way. If Hatton, with his Henry Cooper eyebrows, doesn't get cut, I think he will wear the other guy down and win.

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I think the fight will be about 4am, I won't be bothering to pay to view; I learned my lesson with am fights with Clay v Liston.


TBH, I have been totally peed off with the garbage about the fight on TV and in the press.


The Amir Khan fight (on ITV tonight) has almost been hidden by the deluge of opinion, sentimentality and pure schmaltz of the Vegas event. I hope Hatton wins to spare us the 'Brave Hatton' and tears that will follow a defeat.

I have also backed him with William Hill. :wink:

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the ref was shocking! mayweather was constantly leading with his elbows and ducking below the belt,and went unpunished!fair play the hit ricky hatton took ws a goond punch but i think was frustrated at the fact that mayweather was blantantly getting away with wat he was doing,he knew if he carried on that hatton wudnt get a punch in,hattons big punch never came!unlucky ricky we still love ya!

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