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The downside of the Sun?


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Wildfires in all the holiday hot-spots - are you happy that it precipitates down in Blighty? :?:wink:


Well I am currently in Nice in the South of France and it is bloody hot here. 30 degrees for most of the past 13 days and still got until Thursday before we start the drive home!!


I can't wait to get back to "normal" temperatures and rain. Mind you, the wife thinks I'm mad!! :lol:

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BazJ if you are on holiday in sunny Nice why on earth are you on here :lol: Lt Kije has a slight excuse as he is working and of course is a little odd at times :P:lol:


because the coolest place during the afternoon is either the car or the room.... I have been popping into the room to carry on with a bit of work (running ones own business isn't a 9-5 job you know!!)

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I'm off to the Canaries Saturday so I suppose it going to be flippin hot. The laptops staying in the office along with the mobile and if the company goes bust while I'm away then I might just take early retirement and stay out there! :lol:


Bill :)

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last full day down here in Nice today and managed to get third degree burns and ran out of anti mozzy spray as well. Gone the whole 3 weeks with no bites until tonight and managed to get 6 in 2 hours..... bugger!

and as for the prices.... I know asp has mentioned paying ?3.60 for a pint of beer on one thread, I have seen cans of diet coke for 5 euros (just under a fiver) and a pint of draught Amstell in one bar was ?8.00


Good job the room has a fridge and there is a big supermarket nearby!! :D

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