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For some reason the BBC have picked the following FA Cup games,


Man City v West Ham - Why? the first game was dire, better upsets on the cards. e.g. Bristol Rovers v Fulham & Sheff Wed v Derby,


Mansfield v Middlesbrough - Fair enough, a small club gets this far should be on tv.


Wigan v Chelsea - ?, do they have a requirement to show a "big four club"


Man Utd v Reading/Tottenham - ?, ditto

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Unfortunately it is the same when it comes to the premiership games. If you look at the games on Sky Sports this weekend, you will see that Sunderland v Portsmouth and Bolton v Blackburn hardly wet the appitite.

The reason why they choose these type of games at this stage in the season is because they have to give each prem team a certain number of live games on the tv and come the end of the season, if the title race has gone to the last game, or relegation is still in the balance, they show all the action live safe in the knowledge that they have covered each team equally.

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Originally posted by Keith R:

But surely the supporters of those teams would look forward more to their sides being on television rather than watching the top 3 all the time :confused:

To be honest that was my point, those without Sky only get to watch some of the England and a handful of FA Cup games on the BBC, surely there are better ties out there than they have chosen to screen.
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I was simply pointing out the facts. Anyone who can honestly say they are looking forward to a top rate, good footballing game involving Bolton or Sunderland is a liar. From a neutral point of view, surely Everton v Man city and Derby v Wigan would have been better choices and provide a better game this weekend?

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James you are defeating your own argument by suggesting better choices for the weekend whilst admitting that every team has to have its share.

If you are a Liverpool supporter that makes a lot of noise at Anfield then you shouldn't be worried about what is on TV. I used to make a fair amount of noise at Old Trafford in the days when I could afford to but now I like to use my Sky subscription to the fullest which means watching games that you deem unattractive. There is a world outside your single mindedness James, take off the blinkers you may enjoy it. A team doesn't have to play in red to be worth watching.

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