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Fat Tax?


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Then they'll be sold on the black market - just like other drugs. :roll:


Then the Police will have more people to arrest then...... can't be too difficult to spot and arrest or fine a smoker.... they all pong like an ashtray!!

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Might buy some and see if it works :lol: Not really into chocs but am willing to give it a go :lol:


Anyway back to the question...


I think putting tax on chocolate is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.


It wont make any difference as people who like it will still buy and eat it.... especially the kids.


Maybe they would do better putting huge taxes on take away food instead as apparently there was a program on TV with Richard Hammond that showed just how bad the contents of take away food is for you :shock:


Didn't see it myself but apparently it was a real eye opener !

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The question is: whether you believe the tax system is purely a vehicle for revenue OR whether it can be used as an instrument for social engineering? :? IF, you agree with the former; then ALL products (including fags and booze) should be taxed at the same rate. :shock: IF you believe the latter; then all things considered "bad" for you can be highly taxed, whilst presumably all things "good" for you can be negatively taxed - assuming one wishes to be consistent! :wink:

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