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Agree with Peter T...eat what you enjoy. Cold roast beef butty without salt is unacceptable. I've eaten enough animal fat in my lifetime to float the Titanic..lamb fat...pork fat...love it. When I've been in the US I love their bacon...You can't get bacon like in the UK...you can only get streaky. Take a pound of bacon and cook in dry drying pan(has to be dry) Cook until crispy, throw away the meat and use the abundant fat to fry bread..absolutely delicious. My grandparents and all my uncles and aunts ate rubbish like this all their lives and lived until well into their 80's.

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Agreed - but they either butchered and cure that bacon or went to a real butcher to buy it - not to the local store that has bought it from a middle man that bought it from a processing plant.


But agreed - eat and live that is life - no one gets out alive! :wink:

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