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Lordy lordy!


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it sells papers and detracts from the economic downturn for a while. as for tip of the iceberg who knows (apart from the lords themselves) and what will happen to them. will they be fined, de-lorded, made to pay the money back, will the legislation be declared null and void.


in a word no. they will be embarrassed for a while but that is about all. :oops::twisted:

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Well according to the Leader in the Lords, they could be named and shamed...and she said that would be a great punishment. Really. :wink:


As I understand the rules, which are designed to drive a coach and horses through, Lords can accept payment for acting as a consultant on a particular issue. Lords unlike MPs are not paid unless they are also a Government Minister etc, but do receive a generous allowance.


My guess is that nothing will come of this matter, as probably the rules as they are will not have been broken.


The lobbying system is a long established and accepted method of trying to get laws changed / introduced / repealed....often conducted over a nice meal or day out. :wink:

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tut tut obs, firing squad!!!


just think of the green impact of this. all that gunshot residue leeching into the atmosphere and increasing the greenhouse effect, the poisonous aspect of the lead from the bullets as well. shame on you.


hang em instead, you can use the rope more than once you know :twisted::wink::twisted:

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