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Bereaved Parents memorial Service tonight


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I altered a word that had been reported as offensive, but didn't think it necessary to comment further unless the matter was raised.


It's getting like a kids playground on here by people who are old enough to know better.


People who have posted on this thread should take a look at their comments. It says more about them as people than they might realise. :roll:

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I joined this forum because I was so upset by someone's post I felt I had to respond to try and help some people understand the difficulty is dealing with the loss of a child. After spending the last few days reading the posts on this topic I've come to the conclusion that a lot of you who do 'contribute' don't do it to have a discussion you post replies to win an argument which has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject.


Maybe that's important in your world. I'm so pleased to say it isn't in mine.


Can anyone point me in the direction of a discussion forum that actually does just that?

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nparker With being a new poster you may find that all forums have this type of problems. I apologise if you feel that this topic as lost its way. I speak for most on here, that everyone is welcome to post and debate on here. Sometime we do not like what we read and may lead to posters getting frustrated. But I ashore you that a lot of other forums are a lot worse than here.

The administrators do there job well and will put a stop to it as soon as notified.

So if you feel upset in what you have seen with this topic please except my apologies and I hope you will stay and debate other topic

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